We’ve got a booth and you’ve got a party. Lets talk.

Our photobooth can do a lot. It has a digital SLR camera for professional grade shots. It allows your guests to apply their own filters to personalise their own strips. It even prints out two shots so that your guests can keep one, and stick the other in your photo album (it's so considerate!). But best of all, it will make your event even more amazing.

booth3 (1).jpg

What does it look like?

Ah, this is what we’re really proud of. How can a photobooth take good shots, if the booth itself doesn’t look incredible? (Don’t answer that - it’s rhetorical). 

We have here a bonafide retro looking photobooth. The curved edges and a quirky shape means that your guests will be inching ever closer to take a look, and before they know it - they’re on camera. They won’t regret a thing, and you’ll have a constantly increasing number of photos to look back on after your event. 

One of the best things about our booth (picking a best feature is like trying to pick a favourite child) is that it only requires as much floor space as you’re willing to give it. You can put our booth pretty much anywhere you have a few square meters, and the more room you give it, the more people you can fit in your shots. Unlike those pesky walled booths, there is no upper limit to how many people can fit inside the frame, so go crazy!

Surely the printer must be a bit drab then…

Not at all! The printer looks just as quirky as the booth, and it’s a perfect match. Your retro photobooth will take amazing quality photos, and your retro printer will spit out the strips within seconds of you finishing your pose. 

We wouldn’t want to cut the party short, so we even provide unlimited prints for the duration of your hire. What more could you ask for?

Photobooth printer

Photobooth dish

How can you be sure I’ll look good in the photos?

See that huge dish on top? That’s our beauty light, designed to give your face that perfect glow. Before your event, your attendant makes sure that is is perfectly calibrated to make everybody look gorgeous in every single shot by taking into account the background, the lighting and the room. We’ll do a couple of test shots to make sure before we start, and if you’re lucky, your attendant might even let you keep their selfies. ;)

What about filters?

Everything looks classier in black and white, so we provide the option to choose a filter before printing every strip. We’ll give you a live preview of how each filter will look, and all you have to do is touch the one that suits your mood during that moment. Want every photo to be in sepia? We won’t judge.

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