Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!


Hold on to your hats, because we’ve got a lot of features that we offer with each and every booking. Let us take you through everything that is included when you hire Little Red Photobooth to make your event magical.


your own book of memories

We’ll throw in a quality leather photo album for your guests to stick in their photo strips, and we’ll leave some pens for them to write you a message during the event. They can write a message to you as the night goes on, so you can either read them throughout the party, or nurse your hangover while looking at them the next morning.

We’ve got props for days

Whether it’s a wedding, mexican party or corporate event, we’ve got a prop set to suit. We’ll have a chat with you about your event when you book with us, and bring the most appropriate props for your party. We include a variety of props, such as masks, animal heads, glasses, hats and crowns, and even blow up toys. With the huge variety of props we offer, you’re sure to find a prop to suit your style!


Think you could get rid of us after your event? Think again. We’ll be in contact soon after the party with a USB full of the wonderful faces that we photographed on the night in full high definition and no watermarks. Do with them as you please (but tell your friends we’re not taking responsibility for any photo shopped images!)